Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

Boldenone was first developed by the CIBA laboratory back in the distant 60s, as an injectable form of long-acting Methandrostenolone. At that time the drug was produced for industrial use to stimulate robots and build muscle mass in cattle, as well as in racing horses to increase speed, endurance, and other aspects important in equestrian sports. However, as opposed to veterinary medicine, over time it has been smoothly shifted for human usage, namely athletes.

Properties and effects

Structurally, Equipoise is a derivative of testosterone that is structurally similar to Methandienone (Boldenone was developed as an analog of Methandienone, and a Injectable steroids with distinctive properties was obtained at the output). It has a comparable testosterone index of anabolic activity (100% of endogenous testosterone) and reduced androgenic (50% of endogenous testosterone).

Equipoise contains a composition of two substances, the anabolic steroid Boldenone and essential oil Undecylenate. The molecular bond between the two components allows Equipoise to work for a long time and without interruption. Undecylenate is a long-term ester oil, the release time of which exceeds the well-known Decanoate, due to which the anabolic steroid promotes slow but high-quality muscle growth throughout the course. With Boldenone, muscle development grows more naturally.

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