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manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
substance: Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan depot)
package: 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)


Primobolan 200

Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Release form – 10 ml vial at 200 mg/ml

Active ingredient – Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan)

Primobolan 200 from Dragon Pharma is distinguished by its low androgenic activity and great anabolic effect. This drug is considered one of the safest and easiest steroids. It is non-hepatotoxic and does not cause aromatization. It can be used by beginner athletes and women also.

The gain in muscle mass increases slightly. For the most part, the drug works for a qualitative increase in strength, helps to consolidate the result of the mass gained with the help of other means and has great efficiency in drying and definition creation.

Methenolone Enanthate acts as the main active ingredient.

Features of the effect of the drug

Primobolan 200 has many positive effects:

  • Prevents rollback after course completion and suppresses aromatization;
  • Promotes the removal of excess fluid from the body and prevents the accumulation of fat;
  • Shows greater efficiency in muscle drying;
  • Effective when combined with other heavy anabolic steroids and androgens;
  • Increases the strength of the joints;
  • Provides moderate muscle growth when combined with Sustanon.

Application methods

A sports specialist should be consulted with before taking this steroid.

The recommended dosage is 200-800mg per week, dependent on the desired goal and level of the athlete. The injection is given once. The dose is selected depending on the state of the body and training desires.

For women, a dose of no more than 50-100mg per week is recommended. Otherwise, virilization symptoms may begin to appear.

3 weeks after the completion of the course, it is recommended to undergo PCT. Tamoxifen or Clomid is well suited for this recovery phase.

Combination with other AAS

Primobolan 200 has a weak anabolic effect. This allows you to effectively use it in combination with other steroid drugs. Stanozolol, Sustanon, Oxymetholone or Methandienone are all great steroids for a combined cycle with Primobolan.

Possible side effects

The drug practically does not cause side effects. In rare cases, if the instructions for use are violated, it can cause increased aggressiveness and insomnia.

Reviews of the drug

Athletes who used Primobolan 200 talk about its effectiveness for drying and gaining high-quality muscles while increased strength. They note the complete absence of side effects and negative effects on the body, which is great for the user’s health. This drug is also used by many experienced athletes to bridge between cycles, this helps to keep the body in its anabolic state, while a recovery period of the receptors is happening.

You can buy original Primobolan from our online store, you can feel confident when purchasing this amazing drug, as all of our stocked products come direct from the medical manufacturers.

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4 reviews for High Quality Primobolan 200 in USA

  1. Dwayne Allen

    I haven’t tried using this yet but I’m so excited to use it. The shipping of my package was smooth and fast. Will order again, no doubt.

  2. Samuel Bowers

    Heard from other guys that primo gives high PIP but this brand from Dragon Pharma does not give any PIP. The pinning is so smooth and as far as I know, even other brands does not give PIP. Maybe y’all used some fake gear. Might as well you should switch to Dragon and experience the real deal.

  3. Michelle Grant

    Primobolan 200 from Dragon Pharma is mostly used in the UK. This is best stacked with mast and tren. Got the best results from this.

  4. Lamar Holland

    I really love using Primobolan from Dragon Pharma! I may be an amateur but when I started to take this for 6 weeks, I cannot explain how good looking I become. I was on a calorie deficit diet but my recovery was exceptional as well as the strength and mass. I never thought that this will bring out the best in me. I also kept almost all of the gains. I took some time off with roids and planning on jumping back in. I plan on having a clean diet and use Primobolan at 600 mg along with 200 mast and 100 to 150 mg of test. Planning to use var at 20 mg to keep my tendons and cartilage healthy.

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