High Quality Pharma Test P100 in USA

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manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
substance: Testosterone propionate
package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Pharma Test P100

Manufacturer – Pharmacom Labs

 Release form – 10 ml vial at 100 mg/ml

Active ingredient – Testosterone Propionate


Testosterone Propionate is a short-acting injectable drug. Often used by athletes to accelerate the development of physical and athletic qualities, it has valuable properties for which it is considered the most popular anabolic steroid for gaining muscle mass. This compound is very versatile and is often used by beginners, people who wish to closely control their dosage and also by various advanced athletes as an add on compound within their steroid cycle stacks.

Effects and action

Testosterone Propionate has equal proportions between anabolic and androgenic levels, which means that it can promote both total and lean muscle mass and it is also great for increasing the strength and power of the user. The drug has a high tendency to aromatization (conversion of androgens into estrogen), which, together with positive effects, can also have negative effects, such as gynecomastia and excess fluid accumulation in muscle tissues, but the negative side of this drug appears only when the recommended doses are overestimated. With Testosterone Propionate, the athlete achieves the same results as with other forms of testosterone, but the main factor in its widespread popularity is the speed with which the athlete achieves results and the quick release time from the body which brings many positive benefits also.

Testosterone Propionate is absorbed within a few hours after the injection, on the very first day, the user can feel the primary effects of the steroid, mental activity increases remarkably, energy increases and a constant feeling of hunger appears that will haunt you until the end of the cycle. 

Some of the positive effects of Test Prop:

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass, in 4 weeks you can gain up to 8kg of pure muscle;
  • Activates lipolysis, in normal doses propionate helps to burn excess fats;
  • Promotes an increase in the quality of muscles, their strength and endurance and develops good definition with the correct dosing and diet;
  • Stimulates libido;
  • Strengthens bone tissue and accumulates calcium in the body;
  • The proliferation of satellite cells in protein tissue is turned on, which contributes to muscle hyperplasia and their accelerated recovery;
  • Increases the rate of protein synthesis several times.

How to take and dosages

Steroids with a quick effect, as a rule, can be excreted from the body just as quickly, this is a big plus for professional athletes who will have to undergo a doping test in the near future. However, this creates a need for frequent administration of the drug. Testosterone Propionate should be injected daily or every other day to maintain maximum plasma levels in the blood. Dosages for men range from 50-100mg per injection.

Also, a big plus of this anabolic is that a short essential oil can be quickly stopped, in case of intolerance to the drug by the body. You can buy testosterone propionate quite cheaply, the price for Testosterone Propionate is usually a couple of hundred lower than for its long-term ether counterparts.

In the course, Propionate may be the only anabolic, however as we all know, steroids manifest themselves as much as possible only in combination courses. You should not take 100mg at once, start small, all anabolic drugs are cumulative, so it makes no sense to load your body at the beginning of the course. A good cycle for gaining lean muscle mass is a bundle with Winstrol, Drostanolone Propionate or Trenbolone Propionate.

At the end of the cycle, be sure to start taking drugs to suppress estradiol in the blood in order to restore the hormonal balance between male sex hormones and female sex hormones (Clomid), because otherwise, you may face gynecomastia. If any symptoms present themselves on cycle, Arimidex should be used to lower the estrogen levels within the body. If Nandrolone or Trenbolone are used on the course, Cabergoline should be used as the preventative drug based on the fact that these issues can be progestin based rather than being estrogenic. This is due to Nandrolone and Trenbolone being progestin based steroids in nature.

Side effects

Against the background of the fact that the male body is capable of producing 35mg of the hormone per week, this is at best, and when you take propionate you get 300mg per week, the body stops producing gonadotropin and as a result of which at the end of the course, you may feel a noticeable loss of strength, potency, as well as being defeated by the rollback phenomenon. To eliminate such troubles, it is necessary to restore the secretion of the male hormone as soon as possible after the course. To do this, take Proviron and Tibullus at the end of the course within your PCT cycle. If all of the recommended dosages and durations are followed, no side effects should occur at all.

Here at Buy-steroids.online, you can find genuine Testosterone Propionate due to the fact that we do not stock any non-original products. This can be verified via the main pharmaceutical manufacturers website using the unique code that is provided on your product. This give our customers nothing but confidence when purchasing their desired compounds. We also stock all of the mentioned auxiliary and preventative substances that are used alongside Testosterone Propionate in order to achieve the best results and to make sure your cycle is safe and effective! 

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  1. John Mate

    Purchased this product from an international source and finally received my package after about 25 days. The box was small and in perfect condition. I’m happy

  2. paulrobertson

    This Test P 100 is amazing. I’ve been using a different brand and for some reason decided to switch to this one. So glad I did. The effects are awesome. Buy-steroids store is the best

  3. Antonio Greene

    I think that using both Test Prop and Ace will give you best results. Been using this for some time now and it only gave me good gains and looks. I recommend using Pharmacom’s test prop for better experience. This lab have the most potent and high quality products!

  4. Lorene Simon

    I am now a 60 year old man and I have been using test prop. Switched to Pharmacom Labs when I was 40 and felt great. Still using it now but I think that along with old age, my body starts to metabolize this drug differently. I still get good gains but not like when I was young. I highly recommend using Pharmacom’s Test Prop if you want to experience quality gear.

  5. Velma Dean

    Ever since I started my cycle, I have been using test prop from Pharmacom Labs. I never dared to switch brands because Pharmacom is already high quality and gives the best out of me. I may be weird but I do like pinning test everyday. It makes me feel more confident and strong.

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