High-Quality Soma-Max in the USA


manufacturer: Maxtreme
substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
package: 10 vials (10IU vial)



Manufacturer – Maxtreme Pharma

Presentation form – 10 vials at 10IU

Active agent – Somatropin

Not every athlete can reach his or her cherished goals and gain a dry muscular bulk.  Mostly this occurs due to the lack of some hormones. Modern sports pharmacology developed some methods for making this process easier without having any added health risks. Buying Somatropin from well-known manufacturers such as Maxtreme Pharma helps achieving the required results for your body.

But it is important to administer this substance during the whole cycle. In such case, it is possible to gain up to 10kg of good muscle mass and get rid of fat deposits. For assuring the efficiency and no harm for your health, we recommend co-operating with reliable companies that offer only original products.

Effect from application and drug properties

Firstly, active components of the PED range were used for treating various diseases. Bodybuilders began using it for sporting purposes as the fat-burning effects provided a beautiful body shape and defined muscles before their competitions. The drug has become widely-used, although the Olympic Committee was against it and even prohibited Soma-Max for being used for doping purposes. Currently the drug is used both by professional athletes and those who just go to the gym and what that extra protection and enhancement within their training.

The most expressed properties of this drug are:

  1. Significant decrease of subcutaneous fat, including on site fat burning.
  2. Increased endurance during exercises and workouts.
  3. Improved condition of the joints, ligaments and bones.
  4. Lesser feel for hunger and reduced fatigue.
  5. Improved productivity of the cells and other functions within the body.
  6. Increased muscle mass and definition.
  7. Defined body physique and physical enhanced indicators.
  8. Enhanced protection of the cells and other systems within the body.

Please note that if you use anabolics for a long time, this will lead to a hormonal dis-balance. Thus, the drug is not recommended for people with an allergy to this substance and is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. It is recommended to combine it with Anavar, Equipoise and Testosterone Propionate for most athletic needs.

Side effects

Soma-Max may cause some side effects related to individual intolerance towards some components or when overdosed, or abused.

All side effects are rather rare and are usually caused by misuse or wrong dosages. It is very important to administer the growth hormone combined with proper and balanced sport nutrition along with regular exercising and training regimes.

Rules of administration

We recommend consulting with a professional sports doctor or an anabolic specialist coach before buying the drug and injecting it for determining the dosage and revealing an individual intolerance towards some components found within the drug. It should be also noted that injections may cause discomfort, in these such cases, you can administer this drug intramuscularly into the glute or shoulders for better comfort.

Common dosage regimen:

  1. The dose for beginners should not exceed 5IU units per day, usually taken in the morning.
  2. Professional athletes need up to 10IU units daily (recommended to divide them into 2 injections, 5IU in the morning and 5IU in the evening).
  3. The cycle duration should not last more than 6 months in duration, due to the excess growth of the heart muscle.

It should be mentioned that the hormone itself does not cause the negative effects such as with most other anabolics. It is recommended to combine it with several types of anabolics for losing fat or increasing the muscle bulk within the body.

Currently there are several reliable AAS combinations. Testosterone Enanthate is one of such combinations. Any of these components has the required impact on the sportsman’s body and guarantees increased endurance, definition and a high growth of the muscle mass.

There is a popular pattern when this PED (performance enhancing drug) is used after completing the anabolic cycle. This approach allows nailing down the result of the gained muscle mass and also preventing any rollbacks after the cycle is complete. This method is usually applied for anabolics where a rollback is inevitable such as with Anadrol, Dianabol or long acting testosterone esters.

Combinations with Anavar are the most suitable for drying your body. This cycle requires special attention to the diet. Professional sport nutrition with a high content of protein and the required microelements and amino acids are recommended.

It is very important to take a course of treatment for recovering the hormonal background, but with the help of this amazing substance, this recovery period will be shortened dramatically or in some rare cases, not even needed!


Soma-Max is one of the most widely-spread drugs in sports pharmacology. The drug has become very popular and has a lot of positive feedback, not only among beginners, but also among professional athletes. So the drug positively influences the results in case of the proper administration and following all recommendations. There is practically no negative feedback, especially among professionals. High efficiency and low impact on the human body makes this drug the most advantageous one out of the whole range of PEDs.

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