High Quality Meltos 40 in USA


manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
substance: Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen)
package: 40mcg (100 pills)

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Meltos 40

Manufacturer – Pharmacom Labs

Drug form – 100 tablets at 40 mg

Active ingredient – Clenbuterol hydrochloride

Meltos 40 is a non-steroidal drug developed by the well-known pharmaceutical company Pharmacom Labs. This is one of the few drugs that is not considered an anabolic. It should be noted that Clenbuterol is in great demand among athletes, regardless of the level of training. The reason for its popularity lies primarily in its effect, it promotes active fat burning.

The main features of the drug

The mechanics of its action is extremely simple, first of all, the drug launches a chain of reactions that promotes the synthesis of cAMP, that is, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, and it already promotes the active release of adrenaline, and it is no secret to anyone that it also helps to reduce body fat. In addition, it promotes the release of thyroid hormones, and this also has a positive effect on fat burning processes in the body, suppresses the activity of lipoprotein lipase, and that is why fat is no longer stored. And it is worth saying that Clenbuterol is a remedy that cannot be called hard-to-find, you can buy it at almost any sports nutrition store.

The main positive qualities during admission include:

  1. Development of adrenaline.
  2. Prevents the formation of substances, which in turn accumulate fatty deposits.
  3. Fatty acids are released from tissues.

The main indications for use

The course of admission is quite fast; this is due to the rapid manifestation of resistance to the drug. The course should not last more than 45 days, but it should be noted that after 2 weeks the body reacts to Clenbuterol much weaker, so it is recommended to take it only for 14 days. But if you still take it for a month or so, then it is best that the reception is a ladder, that is, at first 20mcg will be enough, after that the dosage is increased to 120mcg, and then a decrease or exit from the course. For maximum effect from the agent, it can be used in combination with ketotifen, which prevents premature adaptation to the effects of the main substance.

Side effects

The peculiarity of Meltos 40 is that it has a minimal possibility of side effects from taking it, and after the course you don’t even need to undergo restorative therapy. Any negative effect during administration can manifest itself exclusively with individual sensitivity to the components, or it may be a serious excess of the recommended dose. Before starting the course, it is recommended to study all of the side effects and methods of dealing with them.

  1. A side effect from the nervous system, namely sleep disturbance or increased anxiety, high blood pressure or increased heart rate can also be observed. But this is all short-lived.
  2. A side effect from the digestive system, which manifests itself in nausea, diarrhea or heartburn. But this appears only if the dosage has been exceeded.


Because the main action is the burning of fatty deposits, it is most effectively used with other means for fat burning. For example, these can be either growth hormones or thyroid glands, or even anabolic agents, among which are Stanozolol, Testosterone, Methenolone, that is, almost everything that is used by the athlete during the drying process.


Meltos 40 is most often accompanied by positive reviews. Numerous athletes speak positively about the effects of the application, while the quality of the product is at the highest level. The drug shows good results when compared with other similar drugs. Based on this, the demand for this type of product is growing. And in the anabolic steroid online store you can always find out where you can buy a fat burning agent, at the right cost. Experienced consultants will help you determine all of their benefits.

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