High Quality Pharma 3 Tren 200 in USA


manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
substance: Trenbolone Mix (Tri Tren)
package: 10ml vial (200mg/ml)

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Pharma 3-Tren 200

Manufacturer – Pharmacom Labs 

Drug form – 10ml vial of 200mg/ml

Active ingredient – Trenbolone Mix (Tri Tren)

Pharma 3-Tren 200 is a Trenbolone multi-ester based combination AAS that is manufactured by Pharmacom Labs. The main difference between the steroid and other anabolic steroids is its high speed of action and long-term effects on the body. Basically, this steroid is used by athletes for gaining mass, although it is also possible to use it during the drying period also.

The drug allows not only to increase the rate of the muscle hypertrophy processes, but also stimulates the synthesis of GH and IGF-1. Since the esters included in the drug have different half-lives and absorption rates, they are gradually included in the work. Today, Pharma 3-Tren 200 is actively used by professionals to increase their athletic performance.

Pharma 3-Tren 200: Positive effects

  • Fast and rapid onset of muscle mass;
  • Increase in the overall physical parameters;
  • The synthesis of IGF-1 and GH is accelerated;
  • The production of cortisol is suppressed;
  • Sexual activity increases during the cycle;
  • Possesses strong fat burning activities.

Adverse effects and contraindications

On the course of this steroid, side effects of an androgenic and progestogenic (resembling estrogenic) nature are possible. It cannot be used by female athletes, since the risks of developing Virilization symptoms are very high. Do not try to exceed the recommended dosages and do not take courses with three Trenbolone esters for too long (no more than 2.5 months).

How to take Pharma 3-Tren 200 correctly?

The weekly dose of anabolic is in the range of 200-400mg weekly. Within this time frame, it is enough to administer only one injection, although the pro-builders administer this drug twice a week for the shorter esters to become more stable and consistent within the blood. On average, the duration of Pharma 3-Tren 200 courses is 8-10 weeks. To get the maximum results from using the drug, instead of increasing the dosage, we recommend combining courses with Tri Tren, that is, adding steroids such as testosterone to the composition.

An excellent combined course is Pharma 3-Tren 200 and Sustanon 250. The dosage of the first anabolic is given above (200-400mg) and the second is injected once (or twice) a week in the amount of 250-500mg per week. At the final stage of the cycle (weeks 6-10), you can add Stanozolol (40mg daily) to the course for the ultimate cutting and drying effects.

You have a wide selection of all kinds of combinations, only Nandrolone and Oxymetholone should not be used in conjunction with Trenbolone, to suppress the negative effects on the course. If this cycle is adopted, use gonadotropins (hCG) and Cabergoline (Caber) during the PCT period, as it is better to take Clomid along with these drugs for recovery, due to them being progestin based in their nature.

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