High-Quality Magnum Test-C 300 in the USA

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manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
substance: Testosterone cypionate
package: 10 ampoules (300mg/ml)

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Magnum Test-C 300

Manufacturer – Magnum Pharmaceuticals

 Release form – 10 ampoules at 300 mg/ml

Active ingredient – Testosterone Cypionate


Magnum Testosterone Cypionate is a long form of testosterone that has long been taken by many athletes. The drug contributes to an increase in strength indicators, muscle mass, increases muscle definition, endurance and has a beneficial effect on the body. It is difficult to buy testosterone Cypionate in a pharmacy, but you can always buy it from our website at trade prices.

The effectiveness of Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the gold standards within the range of testosterone compounds, this is due to its longer duration and the ability to be used both in a cutting cycle and within a bulking cycle. Also, this version of testosterone is often prescribed for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Being that the Cypionate ester slows down the release of testosterone, this substance can be injected once every 7 days.

The drug has many positive properties including:

– Significant muscle growth.
– Increases strength performance.
– Increase in endurance indicators.
– Stimulates the production of red blood cells.
– Increases libido.
– Promotes protein synthesis.
– Improves phosphorus metabolism.

To maximize the performances and to target your results in achieving your desired goals, often this steroid is stacked with other compounds to gain more specified results from the cycle.

How to take Test Cyp

To achieve the necessary results, it is quite enough to take the drug only once a week, since the drug retains its activity in the body after being used for a long time. On average, the weekly dosage is 250-500 mg, exceeding the weekly dosage of more than 800mg will not increase the effectiveness of Testosterone Cypionate, but will increase the likelihood of developing unwanted adverse reactions. To prevent estrogenic side effects, it is recommended to take Tamoxifen or Proviron within the course.

For bulking cycles, Testosterone Cypionate is best suited with Trenbolone Enanthate and Dianabol, or Nandrolone Decanoate and Anadrol.

For cutting cycles, Testosterone Cypionate is best suited with Drostanolone Enanthate and Winstrol, or Trenbolone Propionate and Superdrol.

Side effects

The drug has a high aromatization, which if used incorrectly and if the recommendations are not followed, can contribute to the occurrence of gynecomastia. To avoid the consequences of converting substances into estrogens, it is recommended to take Clomid and Nolvadex within your PCT. Due to the androgenic activity of the drug, side reactions such as high blood pressure, an increase in hair or hair loss, as well as skin problems can occur.

If all of the guidelines are followed, no side effects should occur. Using an anti-estrogen substance such as Arimidex can help to keep the estrogen levels down within the body, but if Nandrolone or Trenbolone are used within the cycle stack, Cabergoline should be used in the place of Arimidex due to these compounds being progestin in nature. This means that Arimidex will be affective for these progestin type compounds.


Many reviews claim that this drug helps to gain high-quality muscle mass, even despite the rollback, and the number of adverse reactions during admission is minimal, if the recommendations are followed. Professionals recommend taking Testosterone Cypionate in combination with steroids, but for beginners, it is better to take the drug solo at first. The drug is rated quite high as a quality, effective and affordable tool for increasing muscle mass and strength

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11 reviews for High-Quality Magnum Test-C 300 in the USA

  1. Bryan Birnie

    I received my item less than two weeks after it was shipped, and it was well packaged. The sender provided good tracking as well. This product made me very happy.

  2. Reed Stark

    Buy-steroids is the most trusted and high-quality provider. Shipping is always painless and typically arrives on time. They are the best in the industry and will not disappoint you.

  3. Johnny Evans

    The genuine article! I’ve been using Test-C pharm grade for TRT, so I’m familiar with how a legitimate test feels. This was fantastic. I would strongly suggest this product and would buy it again.

  4. Jim Karn

    I ordered from buy-steroids for the fourth time. I’ve always received my things on schedule. Always a top-notch product!!! I wouldn’t go somewhere else to shop.

  5. Mathew Anderson

    I only purchase stuff from buy-steroids. I’ve placed two buy-steroids orders and received my stuff on time on both occasions. It was well-packaged and the tracking the delivery was simple. This Cypionate 300, like everything else they’ve given, is of excellent quality. Thank you, buy-steroids.

  6. Frank Castiel

    For the first time, I opted to run a test-only cycle and ordered this. This, along with my ancillaries, arrived in three weeks, discretely packaged and to the exact specifications that I had requested. I did 300 mg/week for ten weeks and had fantastic results. It couldn’t understand how quickly and dramatically my strength increased. About halfway through the cycle, I started developing acne on my back, although I recall having the same problem as a teenager. I also started sweating profusely from my armpits, which ceased once my cycle ended. It’s nerve-wracking to order stuff for the first time. Do your homework, and when you’re ready, go with buy-steroids

  7. Maarty Michael

    This was my very first cycle. I decided to run a test-only cycle of 300 mg per week for ten weeks. The buy-steroids goods arrived in approximately three weeks and were wrapped extremely slyly. Everything was exactly as I had requested. My first cycle yielded excellent results. (With just a test-only cycle, my strength skyrocketed.) I’ll be starting my second cycle soon with a test, EQ, and TBOL for 20 weeks, and I’ll be ordering that as well as my PCT through buy-steroids I strongly suggest it.

  8. Jorden Andy

    The finished product was excellent. Fast shipping, no pip, and it worked right away. I injected 1cc (1 amp) once a week for 10 weeks and saw a tremendous gain in strength, muscle mass, and libido. This is a product that I will definitely use again. I put on roughly 10 lbs of clean muscle mass.

  9. Henry Romero

    In the past, I used Magnum’s Test C 300 and it increased my appetite. Did not have any clean workout routine so I gained nearly 25lbs. I still felt great while on this, I was thinking better, my head is clear and my energy is unmatchable. Did not get any trouble in sleeping.

  10. Jessie Hampton

    It was when I was 32 years old when I started using Test C. I think that this is the perfect age for roids like this. I tried a few brands and was not satisfied with them so I was browsing through buy-steroids store and saw Magnum’s Test C 300. I placed my order and got the shipping real fast and no hassle. I was using 300 to 600 mgs of Test C weekly and I was stoked at how potent this Test C is. Considering that I was only using Test C, I gained a massive amount of muscle mass and my test levels were back in a healthy range. I highly recommend Magnum’s products.

  11. Toby Marshall

    My Test levels suddenly plummeted so I’ve gone to my doc and received Test C to restore my levels. I decided to try it at home and bought Magnum’s Test C 300 from buy-steroids store and I was able to bring back my test levels up to 1240 ng. Glad that I tried Magnum.

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