High Quality Trenbolone 100 in USA

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manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
substance: Trenbolone acetate
package: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

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Trenbolone 100

Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Package – 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

Active substance – Trenbolone Acetate


Trenbolone 100 from Dragon Pharma helps both professional and novice athletes to achieve their goals in a short space of time without harming their health. The active substance in this injectable is Trenbolone Acetate and is highly anabolic which helps you to rapidly increase your strength and build muscle efficiently.

Effect of Trenbolone Acetate

The drug is widely used because it does not aromatize into estrogen so it is a go-to for many athletes for its ability to provide the user an increase in muscle mass. During a cycle of 6-8 weeks, it is possible to gain up to 22lbs of pure muscle mass and it will also speed up your recovery time after intense workouts.

Following the use of the product, the user will experience:

  • Enhanced athletic performance.
  • Fast loss.
  • A good-looking, defined, and big muscle mass.

Note: Injections lower the level of cortisol in the body.

Side effects of the drug

The use of Trenbolone Acetate comes with the risk of developing side effects. By properly calculating the dosage and schedule of its use, most side effects disappear after PCT.

The following is a list of side effects:

  • Insomnia and night sweats.
  • Lowering the level of proprietary testosterone.
  • An increased in the level of aggression.
  • An increase in appetite.
  • A feeling of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Development of acne on the face and back.

Side effects subside with the use of the correct dosages or when going through PCT.

Note: Eating right is very important during drying and mass gaining cycles.

Using Trenbolone Acetate 100mg

The dosage is calculated depending on the individual but there are guidelines for these injections:

  • The recommended dosage for men is 50-100mg every other day (0.5-1ml).
  • The drug is administered into the glute, shoulder or thigh muscle (rotating the injection sites).
  • The length of the cycle is from 6 – 8 weeks long.
  • Women should not use more than 60-120mg per week.
  • You may combine it with Oxandrolone or Winstrol.

After the cycle, PCT is mandatory.

Trenbolone Acetate is available for you to buy from our online store in the USA.

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7 reviews for High Quality Trenbolone 100 in USA

  1. Rip Hate

    Compared to Geneza’s Tren, Dragon Pharma’s Tren is weaker but its still brilliant. I’ve been using 800 mg and I gained a good amount of lean muscle.

  2. Rip Rory

    Buy-steroids’ team has always desreved respect. The shipping of my products were fast and their customer service is awesome. They answered every question I had. Buy-steroids gained another customer for life!

  3. Rip Mate

    I got the best results when using Dragon Pharma’s Tren compared to other suppliers. Muscle gains were pretty high. I got side effects like cough and pain at injection site but it subsided after the second dose. This is an overall great product.

  4. Rip Guy

    I’ve ordered a lot from buy-steroids and I for sure know that this is working properly because I’m having sleep problems. I’ve ordered for more because of its effectivity. Cheers Buy-steroids!

  5. Lark Stewart

    Use this product and I’m sure you’ll definitely love the result. It brought out the best in me so I believe that it will bring out the best in you.

  6. Jike Wyle

    I’m currently using this midway through my cycle along with Dragon Pharma’s Testosterone Propionate and the results are amazing. My strength has increased dramatically and body fat percentage decreased. My physique is being continuously toned and I’m loving it. Increase in libido is through the roof. I’ll definitely include this in my cycles from now on.

  7. Jire Mite

    Been using this for 3 weeks and I gained a total of 12 lbs of lean musclle mass. This has been the best product I’ve tried so far.

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