High-Quality Mastoral in the USA

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manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
substance: Methyl drostanolone (Superdrol)
package: 10mg (50 pills)



Manufacturer – Alpha Pharma 

Release form – 50 tablets at 10 mg

Active ingredient – Methyl drostanolone (Superdrol)


Mastoral is an oral steroid based on the active substance Methyl drostanolone. This drug by Alpha Pharma is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that has a high anabolic rating which makes it a very potent and powerful muscle building compound.

Effectiveness of the drug

Superdrol is commonly used in cutting cycles or pre-contest cycles. In bulking cycles, Superdrol can be used but this is not a typical choice. The use of this steroid will be beneficial to:


  • Reduce fat
  • Improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Dry the physique
  • Improve recovery times
  • Increase endurance levels

Recommendations for use

The advised dosage of Superdrol by Alpha Pharma is 10-20mg per day, which equates to 1 or 2 tablets. The dosage can be increased up to 40mg per day if the Superdrol is tolerated well. The daily dose should be divided into 2 or 3 doses taken evenly throughout the day. The duration of the cycle is generally between 6 and 8 weeks.

The Superdrol cycle can be stacked with other anabolic compounds such as TestosteroneTrenboloneDeca-Durabolin and Primobolan for an enhanced effect.

Side effects

If Superdrol is used correctly, then side effects should not occur. However, in high dosages it can:

  • Show signs of liver toxicity
  • Negatively affect blood pressure
  • Have a detrimental effect on cholesterol levels


Consequently, it is advised to adhere to all of the recommendations for the use of Superdrol as well as monitor liver function and general health during each cycle with this drug.

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  1. Frank Gr

    To begin with, buy-steroids.online are the best in the industry. I got this to compare it to another SD I had. The dosing schedule was 20/20/30/30 for four weeks. For the first eight days, I ran a different brand. As predicted, the material is excellent. When I switched to Mastoral, the benefits continued. My muscles were always full and my pumps were crazy. This was unquestionably superior. I turned into a monster when I hit 30mgs every day. It was fantastic. It only lasted three weeks, and I didn’t require any further supplies. This product is unbelievably effective!

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