High-Quality Proviron 25 in the USA


manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
substance: Mesterolone (Proviron)
package: 25mg (50 pills)

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Proviron 25 

Manufacturer – Magnum Pharmaceuticals

Drug form – 50 tablets of 25mg

Active ingredient – Mesterolone (Proviron)

Mesterolone is one of the most famous androgenic steroids successfully used in sports. It is also known under the trade name Proviron. It is used mainly in combined courses. It has a good ability to aromatize. Its properties are used by both experienced and novice athletes in courses designed for drying and rapid growth of high-quality muscle mass.

The effectiveness of the drug

Proper use of Proviron allows the user to receive the following results during the course:

  • Improving the quality of sexual life;
  • Giving the muscle mass definition, improving the quality of the musculature;
  • Increasing the concentration of androgenic hormones;
  • Enhancing the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics;
  • Increasing the anabolic effect. 

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How to take it properly

Basically, Proviron is only taken in combined courses, solo intake is impractical. It acts as an antiestrogen. It can be used as an additional drug in courses of muscle mass gain and definition formation. Usually, a doctor or specialist will recommend to start taking Mesterolone from about the second week from the start of taking anabolic steroids. The standard dosage should not be more than 50mg per day. Note that Mesterolone blocks aromatization, but it is not recommended to take it together with other aromatase inhibitors. Tamoxifen can be activated only at the end of the course. Proviron should not be taken for longer than 3 months.

Side effects

When taking the drug following the recommendations, the athlete will manage to get good results without side effects. If Proviron is not taken correctly, it can cause adverse reactions of an androgenic nature as an increase in hair loss, increased sweating or skin problems. In rare cases, an allergic reaction may develop due to individual intolerance to one or more components of the drug.


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