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manufacturer: Maxtreme
substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)
package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)



Manufacturer – Maxtreme Pharma 

Drug form – 10 ampoules of 250 mg/ml

Active ingredient – Testosterone Mix (Sustanon 250)

Testosterone ethers are the strongest and most efficient drugs for gaining muscle size and mass for that bodybuilding figure. So with all proper cycles being based on Testosterone, this multi-estered mix is the perfect substance for the ultimate growth. Many pharmaceutical users realize this so the manufacturer Maxtreme Pharma offers its own perfect solution, which is a mix of the best 4 testosterone esters that are widely used within weight gain sports.

It is perfectly suitable for gaining muscle size and it can be combined with all other drugs. It can be administered both by beginners and the experienced bodybuilders and professional athletes.

Sustanon is a bit more expensive than other separate testosterone esters, but this is determined and fully justified by its perfect combination and convenience, being that all esters are within one single substance. It is easier to make one Sustanon injection instead of 4 separate injections, both for comfort and more importantly, practicality and effectiveness! Sustanon cycles allow the user to quickly gain a good amount of muscle mass in a short space of time. But please note, that the anabolic does not dry out the muscles very much, this substance carries its fame for its muscle gaining properties. So if you are looking to gain attractive, lean and dry muscles, a drying cycle will be needed afterwards to help and define the large muscle that have been gained.

Cycle effects:

  • Quick gaining of muscle size and volume;
  • Unparalleled strength increases with combined use;
  • Mild water retention for improving the joint conditions;
  • Strength and endurance growths;
  • A mild fat-burning effect and corresponding definition;
  • Improved appetite for the user while on cycle;
  • Increased libido, erections and sexual desire;
  • Moderate rollback that can be prevented with a proper post-cycle therapy;
  • Gaining good muscle quality after the water removal at the end of the cycle.

How to take Testo-Non-1

A cycle with Sustanon is the easiest way to gain big muscles. The combination of four types of testosterone with different half-lives provides the best hormonal balance within the blood. Due to Decanoate ester in Sustanon it should be injected once a week with dose 250-500mg. It is not recommended to overdose with this dosage otherwise side effects will occur. For advanced users or users with experience will inject this substance twice weekly to ensure that the shorter acting esters are consistently kept high within the blood. So users can choose a method of administration that best suits them and their lifestyles and desired goals.

The Sustanon cycle duration should last at least 6-10 weeks, the most recommended cycle for beginners is 8 weeks. The most popular combination is with Nandrolone Decanoate, as this cycle will allow for massive volumes of muscle mass to be gained within a short space of time. Sustanon and Deca cycles are bodybuilding classics, this cycle is to promote pure size and growth of the athlete and hence, it is used for a mass gain bulking cycle. These cycles, due to the Decanoate ester of Nandrolone, usually last from 12-14 weeks to gain the full effects, but at these durations, Cabergoline must be used to prevent any negative effects caused by increased progestin levels.

For those users who wish to purchase Sustanon not for gaining the muscle mass bulk, but for increasing their muscles strength and definition, the best combines cycle would be to use Sustanon with Trenbolone and Masteron. These cycles are for the experience users usually and if you want to really rip up the muscles and look like a bodybuilding competitor, Winstrol orals can be added in for the final 6 weeks of the cycle! For beginner athletes, Sustanon and 25mg per day for the initial 6 weeks can be used within any major harmful effects within a cutting cycle, but the workouts and diet must be on point.

Potential side effects

Individual Sustanon cycles are rather safe. The mentioned doses don’t have any severe side effects. Feminization and fat-gaining due to the increased level of female hormones occurs when the dose 500-1000mg per week is exceeded. This is not recommended. If you wish to achieve better results, administer Sustanon and other anabolics together to achieve this goal.

The water gain from Sustanon is not seen as a side effect, as it reinforces the joints and allows your tendons to be lubricated during strength building workouts, which also heavily reduces the risk of injuries.

Post-cycle therapy after Sustanon cycle

Sustanon has positive feedback due to the testosterone esters being easily controlled, especially after the drug’s withdrawal. Anastrozole should be administered during the cycle approximately form the 3-4th week. The dose is 0.5 mg every 2 days. This allows minimizing the aromatization and prevents feminization symptoms even at high doses. Also gonadotropins can be taken in the last weeks for stimulating the generation of the natural Testosterone levels. The dose for this is 1,000IU every third day for three weeks.

The post-cycle therapy should be started 10-14 days after the final Sustanon injection. Take Tamoxifen or Clomid within this recovery phase. The first drug Tamoxifen is not suitable for Nandrolone-based steroids due to them being a progestin type drug in nature, instead Cabergoline is used. The cycle duration should be from 2-4 weeks in duration to fully recover.

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  1. Aim Build

    This is another amazing product from buy-steroids. At first, I was hesitant to try an item from Maxtreme Pharma seen as there were various reviews. But, I bravely took the chance and have no regrets! After 6 injections, the effects on my power and shape were huegly noticeable – not to mention the safe and secure packaging, along with speedy delivery!

  2. Johnny Munna

    My orders worked out really well for me. I’m glad that they arrived speedily so I would definitely order again. I just don’t like the container as some were difficult to open and so were messily cracked.

  3. Mani Tipu

    The product is guaranteed to be high quality, plus my orders always arrive quickly.

  4. John Everett

    At 41 years old, my goals were to build muscle, lose weight, and have a higher libido, all with the help of testosterone injections. I started with 750mgm/ml a week, working down to 250mgm/ml. I am loving the effects so much that I’ve ordered 10 more boxes.

  5. Jake Build

    This product is sold at a very reasonable rate. Aside from the price, I love how I don’t feel any pain at all and only great results. buy-steroids
    also has a wide selection of really effective drugs, however Testo-Non-1 is a great choice for maintaining testosterone levels.

  6. Neymarr

    Buy-steroids is one of the best brands on the market. I’ve gotten incredable results. Its good for people who want to have large muscles or an athletic look.

  7. Robert Snack

    Buy-steroids yet again offers another product that is worth every single penny. The Testo-Non-1 is an easy, swift, and cheap alternative for everyone. It doesn’t have to be injected repeatedly, which is ideal for beginners.

  8. Steve Point

    Testo-Non-1 is a blended testosterone containing 250mg/ml of injectable steroid. It is available at a reasonable price and it is completely pain-free.

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